JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 8, 2021 — The program, titled “Decoded: Digital Marketing For Tutors”, will help tutors to make a difference in the lives of more students by building a clear marketing plan with measurable goals and establishing long-term relationships with potential students.

Talking about the newly launched program, the company’s CEO Charmaine Campo said, “In order for us to help students succeed, it’s important to engage with families where they already are — and that’s on social media and online platforms. Educators can no longer rely on traditional word of mouth alone if they want to boost enrollment and provide meaningful engagement opportunities for families.”

No more wasting time in printing and mailing fliers or asking everyone you know to refer students to you. Having worked with many education organizations, Do Good Communications has identified the digital marketing tactics that actually matter.

The program will help the educators reach out to the right set of students and parents for their unique education programs, by providing a marketing roadmap that’s profitable and easy to implement.

The newly launched program offers local educators a complete toolkit with everything you need to build an online presence, such as website and social media templates, plus training videos & PDFs that include:

• How to Write a Compelling Offer ?

• The Anatomy of an Effective Social Media Post   ?

• How to Select Where to Share and Who To Tag so you can reach more potential students?

…And more!

To register and learn more, participants can visit the “DECODED: Digital Marketing For Tutors” website linked here.