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The Nonprofit Finance Fund’s Latest Survey Reveals...

Most Nonprofits Can't Meet Public Need

According to the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s latest survey to assess the state of the nonprofit sector, a majority of nonprofits have been straining to meet the public’s increased needs. More than half (57 percent) reported that their organizations couldn’t meet demand.

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Nassau Citizens For Great Public Schools Banner

Nassau County School District Political Action Committee

The School Board of Nassau County asked voters to approve a 1 mill increase in the property millage rate. While the state provided an increase in starting teacher salaries, it resulted in Nassau’s most experienced teachers making the same or slightly more. Voter approval was needed to increase funding, and the Political Action Committee lacked funding to implement an expansive campaign. 

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Hernando County Political Action Committee

The School Board of Hernando County asked voters to approve a 1 mill increase in the property millage rate to recruit and retain quality teachers, keep students safe and expand successful academic and career and technical programs.

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Renewing Dignity

As presented at “Fundraising During COVID-19” a special consulting session for Northeast Florida Nonprofits. Hosted by the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida.

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