JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 1, 2020 — Do Good Communications LLC – A digital marketing service that helps professional educators grow their business online – has launched a new social media course that makes use of a research-based messaging strategy developed by Frameworks Institute that is proven to increase community engagement around topics related to education.

The team at Do Good Communications offers all marketing services, from making a Facebook business page to managing accounts and growing influence. Based on years of research and first-hand experience with professional tutors, the company has created a bouquet of on-demand services: a social media starter kit, account managers for social media pages, Facebook ad management, email drip campaigns or complete SEO.

Talking about the recently launched course, the company’s CEO Charmaine Campo said, “At the end of this course, trainees will confidently be able to increase community engagement around topics related to education. The course is ‘alive’ so members can suggest new content. Members also have access to a booking calendar where they can book live Q&A’s and walkthroughs with me on phone or video conference. Facebook, for example, does not offer phone support, you have to chat in. This way, there is a live person with experience to reach out to for help.”

The newly launched course offers professional educators and leaders of schools, districts and learning centers the following benefits as articulated by Campo:

  1. Self-Paced Social Media Strategy Course
  2. One on one sessions to help set up and audit social media account (sessions via Zoom or Google Hangouts)
  3. Support Creating a Posting Calendar For the School
  4. Access to a Q&A Facebook Group

The course comprises 5 modules or pillars:

Pillar #1: Step-By-Step Process for Family Engagement

In this pillar, focus is on how to create a long-term social media strategy so that the trainee can create posts that build long-term relationships with families and grow potential student base.

Pillar #2: Potential Pitfalls

In this pillar, trainees are taught exactly what pitfalls they may encounter on social media and how to avoid them so that they can start attracting more potential students online.

Pillar #3: Combat Negativity like a School PR Pro

In this pillar, trainees get to learn the same tactics large, urban school districts use to combat negativity and false information on social media so they can position their school or learning center to attract more students without compromising their reputation for quality, differentiated instruction.

Pillar #4: Social Media Messaging for Educators

In this pillar, the trainees learn how to use value framing and metaphors developed by the Frameworks Institute to clarify for parents the real value of enrolling their students in the program run by trainees.

Pillar #5: How to Set Up Your Social Media Account

In this pillar, the learning agenda is how to create a social media account on any social media platform so that the trainees can start building long-term relationships with families and growing their education business online.

Free strategy sessions are now available for educators who wish to start their marketing journey with Do Good Communications.