JACKSONVILLE, Fla., September 4, 2020 – A digital marketing service that helps professional tutors grow their business online – now has the honor of being recognized and certified by the Department of Management Services, Florida. The company has become the first certified woman and Hispanic owned online and social media publicity service in Duval County.

Chief Executive Charmaine Campo, who so far has made the lives of scores of tutors a lot easier, talks passionately about her vision. “The certification is a recognition of our resolve and commitment to our cause. We help individuals and organizations working in the domain of teaching and education save time and grow their business. Mastering the new-age digital and social media marketing platforms, related techniques, and strategies that one needs to grow a practice today requires specialized skills. That is exactly where Do Good Communications comes into the picture. Through years of experience, we know exactly how to increase the visibility of our clients’ online, target the right set of audiences that are likely to stick longer with our clients’ business, and most importantly, without having to make a lot of phone calls or write back to emails.”

The team at Do Good Communications offers all marketing services, from making a Facebook business page to managing accounts and growing influence. Based on years of research and first-hand experience with professional tutors, Campo has created a bouquet of on-demand services: a social media starter kit, account managers for social media pages, Facebook ad management, email drip campaigns or complete SEO.
The recently acquired Florida State Certification will put Do Good Communications in the Certified Business Enterprise Directory that lists the only state-certified woman-, veteran- or minority-owned business enterprises. State agencies, state universities, regional and local government entities, and even private businesses use this directory to find state-vetted woman-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses to diversify their vendor dollars. The company’s profile will also be highlighted on the OSD (Office of Supplier Diversity) home page. Additionally, businesses that are certified by the state are the first tier of businesses referred to state agencies seeking to include supplier diversity as a part of their purchase order and contract opportunities.

Talking about the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Campo adds “It is indeed unfortunate to see how many businesses and families have taken a hit due to the pandemic. We must realize, however, that every crisis also brings an opportunity for us to learn, adapt, grow, and eventually overcome all hardships. More people are going online now, instead of going into physical classrooms, which is true for students as well as educators. This is an opportunity for tutors to shed all inhibitions about exploring remarkable possibilities in the digital world, and start having an online presence. Of course, we are there to assist you through the journey regardless of what stage you are at, in your digital marketing lifecycle.”
Free strategy sessions are now available for tutors who wish to start their marketing journey with Do Good Communications.