Making a difference in the world through nonprofits and government agencies touches many people’s lives. While the work is rewarding, reaching your stakeholders effectively through digital marketing can feel overwhelming. What are the best digital marketing strategies for your organization? How can you attract more donors to participate in your fundraising?

Focus on some of the most effective strategies to maximize your digital marketing strategies, allowing you more time to Do Good in the world.

Create a Memorable Logo
When creating a logo for your nonprofit or government agency, focus on designing one that communicates your values and commitment to your services. The logo for your next marketing, advocacy, or fundraising campaign should be simple, scalable, versatile, and memorable.

Develop an Attractive Website
Your website will be many people’s first experience with your nonprofit organization, so make sure it makes a great first impression. Create a branded website that is easy to read and attractive, building trust with your donors.

Distribute Monthly Email Newsletters
Email continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with your stakeholders. A custom monthly email works as a touchpoint to educate your network on your latest campaigns.

Produce Podcasts
When you tell the story of your nonprofit, you share your purpose and goals in an educational and compelling way. Podcasting leverages the power of sight, sound, and emotion. Podcast content is versatile; therefore, you can use it as content on your website, newsletters, and social media.

Create Videos
Videos can uniquely capture your nonprofit or government agency’s purpose and passion. Creating a compelling video with a solid call to action will get your audience’s attention in a way other marketing methods do not. Like podcasts, your organization can use video in a variety of modalities.

Write Blogs
Writing search engine optimized blogs will serve your community as an educational tool and tell Google exactly what your nonprofit or government agency is about, driving traffic to your website.

Send Direct Mail Postcards
Direct mail postcards are popular and successful due to their ability to attract high levels of consumers. They can also be hyper-personalized and grab attention when delivered to your door, among the sea of emails and online ads that overwhelm us today.

These are just a few top strategies your nonprofit or government agency can use to strengthen your online presence, communicate your mission, and raise funds online. The good news is that you don’t have to tackle these strategies alone!

Do Good Communications is here to help you. With a suite of services built to help you communicate effectively with your potential donors, we take the guesswork out of digital marketing. We are passionate about helping your nonprofit grow through its digital presence. Tell us about your project goals, and we will help you develop a plan to reach more stakeholders in your community and beyond. Reach out today for a free custom quote.



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