JACKSONVILLE, Fla., September 24, 2019 — Do Good Communications is a digital marketing service created especially to help tutors grow their business online. CEO Charmaine Campo was recently invited on the podcast show, The Tutor Outreach Radio Show, where she spoke at length on how tutors can make the best out of digital and social marketing platforms.

Listen to Charmaine Campo talk about ‘Digital Marketing Secrets for Your Tutoring Business’

Tutors can have a significant impact on the live of the students that’s not always visible. But are tutors using the most effective ways to develop long-term relations and increase their networking reach?

On the podcast, Charmaine spoke on responsible marketing by tutors. She also revealed the No. 1 mistake that tutors make while doing marketing – they are not actually doing it. Many tutors create a website and then go out and tap into the word of mouth network. It cuts down on their time they could have spent with the kids. Reliance on word of mouth is thus a big mistake.

“It is important to know how to use online tools and social media like Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube to attract students and then build relationships and thus keep the revenue channel healthy,” said Campo.

Do Good Communications helps professional tutors enroll more long-term students. The team offers all marketing services, from making a Facebook business page to managing accounts and growing influence.

After working with professional tutors, Campo has created a bouquet of on-demand services: a social media starter kit, account managers for social media pages, Facebook ad management, email drip campaigns or complete SEO.

Do Good Communications has a track record of predictable growth, consistent student enrollments and peace of mind for tutors. Customized digital marketing programs do away with hassles like making phone calls or composing emails, thus freeing up valuable time for tutors.

Free strategy sessions are now available for tutors who wish to start their marketing journey with Do Good Communications.